Sambusa (ሳምቡሳ)  ————————————————————————-7.99
Pastry dough filled with spicy beef or lentil (3 pieces)

Azifa (አዚፋ) ———————————————————————————-7.99
Lentils with minced red onions, hot green peppers, mustard, lemon and olive oil. Served cold

Timatim Fitfit (ቲማቲም ፍትፍት) ——————————————————-7.99
Injera tossed with diced tomatoes, jalapeno, and onion dressed with lemon and olive oil.

Kategna (ቃተኛ) —————————————————————————–10.99
Toasted injera brushed with berbere & Olive Oil

Injera Roll (እንጀራ ጥቅልል) ————————————————————10.99
Mini Injera gently coated with seasoned Mesir, Shiro or Ater Kik

Avocado Salad (አቮካዶ ሰላጣ) ———————————————————-11.99
Pieces of avocado mixed with tomatoes, onions, jalapeños and house dressing.

FIRFIR’S (ፍርፍሮች)    (12pm to 5pm)

Inqulal Firfir (እንቁላል ፍርፍር) ——————————————————-11.99

Scrambled eggs cooked with onion, jalapeño and tomato.

Yesega Firfir  (የስጋ ፍርፍር) ————————————————————11.99

Pieces of Injera sauted in tender beef sauce,simmered in berberé,garlic and  flavored with ethiopian spices

Yebeg Alecha Firfir (የበግ አልጫ ፍርፍር) ——————————————11.99

Pieces of Injera sauteed in mild lamb sauce simmered in turmeric,ginger and garlic, flavoured with Ethiopian spices

Injera Firfir  (እንጀራ ፍርፍር)  ——————————————————–11.99
Pieces of Injera sautéed in berberé sauce, garlic, tomatoes, jalapeño and  flavored with Ethiopian spices

VEGETARIAN (አታክልት) (with two vegetarian sides except Enguday Tibs*)

(All dishes are served with injera)

Gomen/Collard Green (ጎመን) ——————————————————-14.99
Fresh collard greens cooked in oil with onion, garlic and ginger

Fosolia/String Beans (ፎሶሊያ)  ——————————————————-14.99
Sautéed string beans, carrots, seasoned in a spicy garlic sauce

Shiro Wot/Ground Roasted Split Pea (ሽሮ) ————————————–13.99
Ground roasted split pea sauce flavoured with onions, herbs and spices

Mesir Wot/Red Lentils (ምስር ወጥ) ————————————————14.99
Red lentils stew cooked in onion, berberé and spices

Deffen Mesir Alicha/Green Lentils (ድፍን ምስር አልጫ) ———————13.99
Gently spiced green lentils cooked in turmeric, onion and spices

Ater Kik Alicha/Yellow Split Peas (አተር ክክ አልጫ) ————————–13.99
Yellow split peas cooked with onion, garlic, ginger and turmeric

Tikil Gomen/Cabbage (ጥቅል ጎመን) ———————————————-13.99
Cabbage and carrots and sautéed with peppers, onions and garlic

Key Sir/Red Beats (ቀይስር) ———————————————————-14.99
Red beets, carrots and potatoes sautéed with onions and garlic

Denich Wot/Potatoes (ድንች ወጥ) ————————————————-14.99
Potatoes and carrots cooked in turmeric, ginger, garlic and onion

Veggie Sampler (የአታክልት በእያይነቱ)

For 1:  Combination of Gomen, Shiro, Ater Kik, Mesir Wot, and Tikil Gomen   —16.99
For 2:  Combination of all available vegetarian dishes except Enguday Tips* —31.99

Engudaye Tibs/Mushroom (እንጉዳይ  ጥብስ)* ———————————-15.99
Sautéed Mushroom  onion, tomato, garlic, jalapeno, rosemary, tomatoes (mild or spicy)

BEEF (with two vegetarian sides except Enguday Tibs*)

(All dishes are served with injera)

Kitfo (ክትፎ)  ————————————————————————-18.99
Prime beef tar tar seasoned in kibbeh and mitmita

Special Kitfo (ልዩ ክትፎ) ———————————————————-19.99
Prime beef tar tar seasoned with onion, jalapeño and spiced Kibbeh

Minchet Abish Spicy (ምንቸት አብሽ) ——————————————17.99

Finely chopped prime beef simmered in a berberé stew

Minchet Abish Alicha (ምንቸት አብሽ አልጫ)  ——————————17.99

Finely chopped prime beef simmered in a turmeric stew

Siga Wot (የስጋ ወጥ)  ————————————————————-16.99
Diced lean beef seared on a hot skillet, then slow-cooked in a berberé stew

Siga Tibs (የስጋ ጥብስ)  ———————————————————-16.99
Pieces of tender beef stir-fried with onion, jalapeno, rosemary, and kibbeh

BeNY’s Tibs (የቢኒ ጥብስ)  —————————————————-17.99
Pieces of beef sautéed in onion, ginger, garlic, jalapeno, rosemary, tomatoes, kibbeh in turmeric sauce

Awaze Tibs (አዋዜ ጥብስ) —————————————————–17.99
Tender beef cubes marinated with Awaze and sautéed with green onions and jalapeño

LAMB (with two vegetarian sides except Enguday Tibs*)

Beg Alecha (የበግ አልጫ) —————————————————–16.99
Lamb cubes stewed to perfection in mild turmeric based sauce.

Lega/Lamb Tibs (የበግ ጥብስ)  ———————————————17.99
Pieces of marinated lamb sautéed in onion, jalapeno, kibbeh

CHICKEN (with two vegetarian sides except Enguday Tibs*)

Doro Wot (ዶሮ ወጥ) ———————————————————–17.99
Chicken Legs , slow cooked with onions, berberé and kibbeh served with a hard-boiled egg

Doro Tibs (ዶሮ ጥብስ) ———————————————————16.99
Cubed Chicken breast marinated with onion, olive oil, rosemary, jalapeno and sautéed in kibbeh

FISH  (with two vegetarian sides except Enguday Tibs*)

Asa Tibs (ዓሳ ጥብስ) ————————————————————16.99
Tilapia fish marinated in garlic, onions, olive oil, curry, jalapeno and lemon juice

Meat /Veg Sampler (የስጋ እና አታክልት በያይነቱ)
For 1: Doro Wot, Beg Alicha, Siga Wot, Gomen and Yellow Split peas  —18.99
For 2: Doro Wot, Beg Alicha, Siga Wot, Minchet Spicy/Alicha, Gomen, Yellow Split peas, Mesir and Tıkıl Gomen  — 35.99

Useful vocabulary:—

Injera : is spongy crepe-like flatbread made from fermented teff (a gluten-free grain indigenous to Ethiopia). *Our injera is Teff and Flour mix). Gluten-free injera made to order in advance.

Berberé : The signature red spice mound that delivers magic to most Ethiopian stews, berbere is composed of ground semi-spicy chilli mixed with upwards of several herbs and spices including garlic, cumin, coriander, ginger, and fenugreek.

Mitmita : blend composed of chilli peppers (smaller and hotter than berbere), cardamom seed, cloves and salt. It is  often served in meat dishes to add an extra kick

Kibbeh : spiced clarified butter, is one of Ethiopia’s secret, magic ingredients that we all ought to know more about.