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የቲማቲም ፍትፍት | YeTiMaTiM FitFit

የቲማቲም ፍትፍት YeTiMaTiM FiTFiT @ Benyam Ethiopian Cuisine

የቲማቲም ፍትፍት | YeTiMaTiM FitFit Injera chips tossed in a fresh tomato puree flavored with Berbere, garlic, tomato, red onion, jalapeno, garlic and special house dressing. $ Enjoy These Juicy diced tomatoes, pieces of injera, onions, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice & jalapeño. (served cold)

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አዚፋ | AZiFa (Azeefa) (Vegan)

አዚፋ | AZiFa (Azeefa) (Vegan) @ Benyam Ethiopian Cuisine

አዚፋ | AZiFa (Azeefa) (Vegan) @ Benyam Ethiopian Cuisine አዚፋ | AZiFa (Azeefa) Whole Lentils in Senafich (Ethiopian mustard) sauce with red onions, jalapeño, fresh lemon juice. Order includes ONE Injera free of charge. $ Enjoy This Delicious Whole brown lentils salad seasoned with onions,...

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የምስር ሳምቡሳ | YeMiSir SamBusa (Vegetarian)

የምስር ሳምቡሳ | YeMiSir SamBusa @ Benyam Ethiopian Cuisine

የምስር ሳምቡሳ | YeMiSir SamBusa Three hand-wrapped pastry shells filled with a blend of brown lentils, onions, peppers & herbs. (made to order - approx. 15 mins.) $ Enjoy These Tasty Whole lentils, garlic, cilantro, spices, onions, jalapeno treats!

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