Ethiopian Food For Children

Ethiopian Food For Children @ Benyam Ethiopian CuisineEthiopian Food For Children

If you enjoy Ethiopian food, but have children who are picky, then taking them out for any type of food can be a hassle. Don’t be deterred by your child’s picky palate, instead embrace your child’s tastes. Your child might not like any vegetables and may only eat mac and cheese from a box, but that doesn’t mean you can’t encourage them to try a new type of food. Children’s palates tend to be leaning toward enjoying milder flavors. With acute taste-buds, children have a tendency not to enjoy any types of food that have intense flavors due to the sensitivity of their taste-buds. If your child is much more on the picky side, then you can still take them to Benyam Cuisine for our delicious Ethiopian food.

Ethiopian Dishes Your Child Will Enjoy

By introducing your family to new types of food, they’ll be a much more rounded eater as they get older. Introducing new foods isn’t just about eating something different, it’s about being open to new ideas and change. Children who enjoy trying new things have a tendency to be much more open later in life to new experiences, challenges, and are much more liable to embrace change. At Benyam Cuisine, we know the importance of introducing others to a new culture. If you are gluten-free, a vegetarian, or a vegan you’ll find something tantalizing and delicious. For Ethiopian food options read Vegetarian And Vegan Dishes To Try. If you’re a first time Ethiopian food eater read What Are The Benefits Of Eating Ethiopian Food?, What Spices Are In Ethiopian Food?, and Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About Ethiopian Food. In addition, you’re able to learn the many Health Benefits Of Ethiopian Food, so you know the nutrients your family is putting in their bodies.


Injera is the bread that is used as a type of ‘spoon’ to eat the Ethiopian food. Injera bread has a slight sourdough taste, but is not overwhelming. With a strange feel such as a pancake with tiny holes, your child will probably be fascinated by the feel of it. Made without gluten, this type of bread is high in fiber.


If your child is picky, but is willing to try something a little more daring than Injera, then sambusa is a great item to try. Made of a thin light pastry shell, it is stuffed with minced meat and chopped vegetables. Similar to an empanada or a meat pie. If your child is familiar with stuffed pastries with vegetables and meat he or she will enjoy the sambusa.

WeT (Wot)

If your child enjoys stew, then wot – which comes in different flavors – is a good dish to try. With a variety of ways to make it and with different spices, your child is able to expand their tastes. You can have vegetable wot or wot with different meats, Benyam Cuisine has several different types of wot to order.

Vegetarian Sampler

If your child only eats vegetables – which most parents would be grateful for – or they are a vegetarian, we have a vegetable sampler. On the sampler, we have six different types of dishes that your child will enjoy if they love vegetables.

Most children enjoy eating with their hands, so they’ll deeply enjoy the experience Ethiopian food is able to provide. Without getting yelled at for eating with their hands, your family will enjoy the experience of eating at Benyam Cuisine. Stop by at our location in Harlem.