Ethiopian Food | Health Benefits

Ethiopian Food Health BenefitsEthiopian Food | Health Benefits

How many times have you gone out to eat and end up feeling guilty the next day for what you consumed? Going out for hamburgers, waffles, tacos, eggs benedict, chicken wings, steak, and ice cream, are all delicious food items, but how healthy are they? With the large amounts of hormones in our food, saturated in fatty oils, and pumped with other additives we probably don’t even know about, it can sometimes be a gamble going out to breakfast, lunch, or dinner. When you know what exactly is going into your food, like when you cook at home, you can feel much more at ease to know what you’re putting into your body. At Benyam Cuisine restaurant, we offer Ethiopian food made authentically and without any of the unhealthy additives American food fare is filled with. Benyam Cuisine is located in the heart of Harlem, NY. In addition, for those who are a little more picky when it comes to eating, Ethiopian food caters to vegans, vegetarians, and gluten-free.

What Is In Ethiopian Food?

Ethiopian food, unlike American food, is filled with many health benefits. In some of our past blogs, we’ve gone over What Spices Are In Ethiopian Food?, to fill you in on what spices are used in Ethiopian food. There are many nutrients in Ethiopian food, which is why it’s one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. Most Ethiopian food is filled with vegetables. With strictly vegan curries and an abundance of vegetables being used, you’ll find that many dishes are focused primarily on vegetables and spices. Even the Injera is made of only Teff grain, which is why there is such a high amount of protein. Injera alone has iron, calcium, and thiamin, much more than an average piece of bread in America. An average American piece of bread is made entirely of grains. There is no protein in American bread, but in Injera it’s abundantly rich with proteins and even gluten-free eaters are able to eat it due to the lack of grains in the bread. Ethiopian food is also filled with meat dishes, but because of the collaboration of several religions in the area, neither pork nor shellfish is eaten. When it comes to meat, most dishes in Ethiopia are primarily Kosher beef and lamb. Furthermore, Ethiopian food has an abundance of spices and flavor filled in every bite you take.

What Makes Ethiopian Food So Healthy?

One of the reasons Ethiopian food is so healthy is because unlike American food that centers around protein, Ethiopian food is all about vegetables. Ethiopian food dives into the best way to bringing out the tastes of vegetables and how to best flavor them. With a diet that is focused on vegetables with a little protein, you’ll find yourself feeling very satisfied after eating Ethiopian food without the need to fall asleep after you eat. With a vegetable based diet, you’ll find the many different ways you’re able to eat Ethiopian food. None of the dishes are the same either and no matter if you order wot or Gomen, you’ll find that every dish has an abundance of tasty spices.