Fun Facts About Ethiopian Food

Fun Facts About Ethiopian Food @ Benyam Ethiopian CuisineFun Facts About Ethiopian Food

In some of our past blogs, we explored Intriguing Facts About Ethiopia, a blog post that dove into some facts about Ethiopia. At Benyam Cuisine, located in Harlem, NY, we like to educate our guests who come to eat at our restaurant about Ethiopia. In Intriguing Facts About Ethiopia, we learned about some facts about Ethiopia. In today’s blog, we’ll be learning some fun facts about Ethiopian food. If you’ve ever had Ethiopian food, you’ll know how different it is than other types of food even in Africa. What’s great about Ethiopian food is that it’s for any type of eater. If you’re a vegetarian or a vegan, then Ethiopian food is a great option to pick because it allows everyone to eat a dish. If you are a meat lover, then you can still enjoy many different dishes of lamb and beef. If you’re interested in trying Ethiopian food, then come to Benyam Cuisine. Not only will you enjoy the delicious tastes of Ethiopia, you’re also able to learn a fact or two about Ethiopia if you come to Ethiopian Nights. If you’re a first time eater of Ethiopian food, then read The Best Ethiopian Dishes For First -Time Guests and What Spices Are In Ethiopian Food?.

Five Fun Facts About Ethiopian Food

As an avid eater you’ve probably thought about your food, such as where it comes from, how it got to your plate, and even who invented the food that you’re consuming. It can be fun to learn some fun facts about food, which is why we wanted to share some fun facts about Ethiopian food. These five fun facts about Ethiopian food were chosen to give you an idea of why Ethiopian food is such a great option for eating out. Not only are you able to get all of your beneficial nutrients from Ethiopian food, it’s also fun to eat as well. Eating Ethiopian food allows for you to bond with the people you’re out to eat with and to try something new.


In our last blog, we went over Ethiopian Coffee. In a quick overview, Ethiopia is considered to be the birthplace of coffee. In our blog, we detail how coffee was discovered and the details behind it. If you are an avid coffee drinker, then you’ll enjoy reading our blog and knowing the drink that wakes you up in the mornings is attributed to Ethiopia. The name coffee is also from the Ethiopian language. Kaffa or coffee in Ethiopia is now an empire that’s worth millions and distributed all over the world.


If you’ve had Ethiopian food, then you probably know all about injera. Injera is a spongy-like sourdough bread that’s used almost like a spoon. Injera is made from teff, which is a grain that’s been used since 10,000 B.C.E. It is the smallest grain in the world and is high in iron, Vitamin B, and calcium. There is also a lot of protein in injera as well. When you get Ethiopian food, you’ll see that your dishes are served on injera and you’ll get extra injera so you’re able to eat the food without utensils. Of course, if you’d like utensils they can be supplied, but where’s the fun in enjoying an Ethiopian meal with utensils instead of eating with your hands as tradition says. In addition, injera is gluten-free, so any gluten-free eater can still come out for an Ethiopian meal and enjoy the experience.

A Haven For Vegetarians & Vegans

In addition to the gluten-free enjoying an Ethiopian meal, vegans and vegetarians are also able to enjoy it as well. You’ll notice when you look at our menu that we have an entire section that’s dedicated to vegetarian dishes. Read Vegetarian And Vegan Dishes To Try, to learn about some of the great dishes to try out. The reason there are so many dishes for vegetarians are because of the religion that’s in Ethiopia. With a majority of the country following strict Orthodox Christianity, there are certain days that the consumption of animals is not allowed. This means that to be able to enjoy a delicious meal, Ethiopians strive to incorporate vegetables in their dishes more so each dish is packed full of healthy nutrients.

National Dish Is “WeT”

The national dish in Ethiopia is known as ‘wat.’ Wat is a type of spicy stew that you can easily find on our menu to enjoy thoroughly. We offer Yemsir Wat, Shrimp Wat, Doro Wat, Kay Wat, Yebeg Wat, Tibs Wat, Yebeg Tibs Wat, Asa Wat, and Yatkilt Wat. If you have no idea what any of those are, then that’s okay. You can come into Benyam Cuisine and if you’re interested in ordering the national dish of Ethiopia, then your server will be able to point you in the right direction of what to order. What’s great about wat is that you can make it many different ways with many different foods. There are spicy, mild, vegetarian, beef, and shrimp types of wat and it all comes down to what you’re in the mood to eat. Make sure when you get wat to try it with injera and you’ll be amazed at the tastiness of it.

Open Air Markets

Unlike in America, there are open air markets in Ethiopia. With stands of exotic fruits, coffee beans, vegetables, and so many other items, the markets are a great place to purchase anything from your food to traditional crafts. Instead of going to the grocery store like we do in America, there are open air markets where people do all of their shopping. In addition, the market place is a social area and is usually located in the heart of a city.

Come visit Benyam Cuisine and enjoy an evening filled with laughs, fun, and delicious dishes just like some of these.