Intriguing Facts About Ethiopia

Intriguing Facts About EthiopiaIntriguing Facts About Ethiopia

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In addition to eating our delicious food, we also love to share information about Ethiopia. Not only are you able to taste the foods of Ethiopia, you’re also able to really experience Ethiopia. We offer Ethiopian Nights to allow you to experience the real atmosphere of what it would be like in Ethiopia. We want to educate all of our guests on a culture that’s a little different than their’s and that also means sharing some fun, interesting facts about Ethiopia. If you’re interested in learning about Ethiopia while eating the tasty food, then check out Ethiopian Nights or continue reading our blogs so you’re able to expand your horizons and learn about a new culture.

Four Fun Facts About Ethiopia

Below are five fun facts that you can learn about Ethiopia. The next time you are eating Ethiopian food you can share these facts with your friends and family.

The Age Of Ethiopia

Ethiopia is one of the oldest nations in the entire world. It was founded in 980 B.C.E., which means it’s older than most of the countries around the world. It wasn’t discovered until the 1960s that Ethiopia had dated back to ancient times. However, if you look at the cuisine that is eaten in Ethiopia, it is a homage to its own individual cuisine. It’s different than other African cuisines and concentrates more on grains, agriculture, cattle and sheep, and spices all produced from the earth.

The Ethiopian Calendar

Unlike the Gregorian calendar, which is the one most of the Western hemisphere goes by, Ethiopia is on a different calendar. The Gregorian calendar goes by 12 months and we’re in the year 2017, which is 2,017 years after the birth of Jesus Christ. In Ethiopia, the calendar goes by a few different things. First, the Ethiopian calendar is 13 months instead of 12. Ethiopia is also seven or eight years behind the Western calendar. So if it’s 2017, then it’s 2011. In addition, the 13th month in Ethiopia only has about five or six days in the month depending on if it’s a leap year or not.


Since Ethiopia is a much older nation than most countries throughout the world, they have different traditions. In America, we think that cats and dogs are pets. In Ethiopia, the first domesticated animals were donkeys and camels. If you ever have the chance to go to Ethiopia, you’ll find many different types of animals that differ from the wild animals in America.


Are you a lover of coffee? If so, you should thank Ethiopia for first discovering coffee. The coffee plant is native to Ethiopia. Ethiopian coffee is delicious, fresh, and will get you going to start your day. At Beniam Cuisine, we encourage you to try our coffee, especially when you come for Ethiopian Nights. When you stop in to Beniam Cuisine, order a pot of coffee and taste the difference.

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