Try Beniam’s Ethiopian Desserts

Try Beniam's Ethiopian DessertsTry Beniam's Ethiopian Desserts

When you think of Ethiopian food you probably don’t specifically think of desserts. When you think of Ethiopian you probably image injera, wat, vegetables, and lots of spices. That is, if you’ve had the opportunity to try Ethiopian food. If you have yet to sit down in an Ethiopian restaurant, then it’s time you try some delicious Ethiopian food. If you didn’t know, Ethiopian food is one of the few cuisines that all types of eaters can enjoy. If you’re a vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free you’ll be able to enjoy the spiced dishes of Ethiopian food. If you’re still not sold on the tasty dishes Ethiopian food can offer you, read Vegetarian And Vegan Dishes To Try and The Best Ethiopian Dishes For First-Time Guests to learn more about what types of Ethiopian dishes you can try.

Four Ethiopian Desserts To Tryy

Ethiopian food is some of the healthiest food you can eat in the world. Not only does it cater to any type of eater, it also allows you to get your nutrients in every dish. In addition to the delicious dishes you’re able to try, Ethiopia is best known for Ethiopian Coffee. However, what about the desserts? Ethiopia and dessert aren’t two words that go together, because generally, desserts aren’t in Ethiopian culture. Usually, if there is dessert after dinner in Ethiopia, then it’s cakes and pastries that have a unique Italian flair to them due to the influence by the boot-shaped country. In Ethiopia, if there is a large, spicy meal that’s been consumed, Ethiopian beer or honey wine will be drunk after dinner. At Beniam Cuisine, we present to you some delicious, Ethiopian desserts that will satisfy you after a mouthwatering meal.

White Special

This first dessert on our menu is pretty Americanized due to the ice cream that’s involved. The White Special has a unique twist on a sort of ice cream sundae. With French vanilla ice cream combined with chocolate sauce and light pastry triangles, you’ll be salivating at how these three ingredients complement each other. With the sugariness of the ice cream and chocolate sauce, you’ll find a good balance with the pastry triangles.

Beniam's Sweety

This dessert is more geared toward the traditional Ethiopian style of desserts. Even though desserts aren’t consumed as much as they are in America, there are cafes that offer sweet treats. The Beniam;s Sweety are light pastry shells filled with a myriad of items and spices. Stuffed with raisins both light and dark, split almonds, shredded coconut, and cardamom, this tasty Ethiopian dessert is both sweet and healthy.

Chocolate Treat

Do you love chocolate? If so, you’ll be tempted with this chocolate dessert. Oozing with rich chocolate, this chocolate cake is served warm with the added opportunity for French vanilla ice cream. A light triangle pastry drizzled with chocolate sauce will complete this unique type of chocolate cake. If you’re a fan of chocolate, you won’t be able to go wrong with oozing warm chocolate cake.

Chocolate Royale

Can’t decide on just one of our desserts? That’s okay! With the opportunity to share with two to four extra people – or keep all for yourself – you’ll be able to enjoy all three of our desserts.

If these desserts sound tempting, then take the time to come up to Beniam Cuisine at our location in Harlem.