What Are The Benefits Of Eating Ethiopian Food?

What Are The Benefits Of Eating Ethiopian Food? Benyam Ethiopian CuisineWhat Are The Benefits Of Eating Ethiopian Food?

Do you know the many benefits of eating Ethiopian food? We don’t mean the health benefits either, we mean the benefits of eating Ethiopian food and why you should try this delicious food, too. Food is more than health benefits. Good food will be associated with great memories, affordable spending, and delicious flavorful tastes on your tongue. A good experience is associated with a fantastic night of dining. Food is much more than just eating and filling your stomach. You’ll remember certain dishes as you get older and associate them with great times. The flavor of food will stand out more, and when you eat something similar your mind will flash back to the delicious items you ate. Good food is about creating indelible memories that will leave a lasting impression throughout the rest of your life. Scientifically speaking, there is an area in the brain that associates taste with memory and recalling a time and a place. Similarly to music, when you hear a certain song your mind will flash back to a memorable time when you heard that song.

That being said, when you eat Ethiopian food, it’s not about the action of eating; it’s about the experience. At Beniam Cuisine, we emphasize that. We make sure that when you eat with us, you experience the tastes, flavors, and versatility of Ethiopia. To do this, our restaurant shows off the many great attributes Ethiopia holds dear. In addition to offering you an experience of Ethiopian atmosphere and the food, check out Ethiopian Nights to hear music and learn about the culture. If you want to experience Ethiopian food, make sure to check out either of our locations. We have one location on Broadway Street and the other on North Clark Street in Chicago. We also offer take out, delivery, and you can always eat in our restaurant. Order online or come in and check out our extensive, authentic Ethiopian menu.

Three Benefits Of Enjoying Ethiopian Food

Enjoy the many benefits of Ethiopian food when you eat at Beniam Cuisine restaurant. If it’s your first time eating read, The Best Ethiopian Dishes For First-Time Guests, to figure out the best dishes to try when you come out to our restaurant. Enjoy eating at our Ethiopian restaurant and make sure you’re able to take advantage of the full experience and atmosphere when you eat with us.

Filled with flavor

If you’re a picky eater or you don’t venture outside of your comfort zone when it comes to food, it might seem a little scary to eat food that you don’t know with your hands. Eating Ethiopian food is a lot different than other food you may have tried. Even if you are an adventurous eater and you’ve never tried Ethiopian food, it might be a little different than you’re used to. However, besides the many health benefits to eating Ethiopian food, it is also flavorful. How often can you eat food that’s great for you and delicious? There are many spices that go into Ethiopian dishes that give it that one-of-a-kind delicious flavor. To fully grasp the many flavors that are found in Ethiopian food read, What Spices Are In Ethiopian Food? Most Ethiopian food is not spicy but very flavorful due to the many spice blends used. Ethiopians take flavor to a whole new level, and it will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, which is why it’s a great step for you to discard your eating comfort zone and explore some delicious dishes that are dissimilar from any other in the world. Who knows, maybe you’ll even start to experiment with new spices in your own spice rack.


Ethiopian food is affordable, and it’ll allow you to have fun with friends. If you didn’t know already from some of our previous blogs, Ethiopian food is generally eaten with injera and your hands. Injera is a type of spongy bread-type of substance. You use the injera to scoop up the different food types that are set on a large circular tray. If you are tight on a budget, eating Ethiopian is a great way to make friends and spend less money while getting more food. There are many great places to eat in Chicago, but when you are on a tight budget it can be hard to find affordable food everyone will enjoy. Don’t max out your credit card when you eat Ethiopian, and don’t eat at home every night as you try to save money; all you need to do is get a group of friends together and share a platter of Ethiopian food.


Along with being affordable, any type of eater can enjoy Ethiopian food. If you, your friends, or family members are vegetarian, this food is right up your alley. Ethiopian food is perfect for the vegetarian or any other type of food intolerant eater. Most of the dishes that are served are vegetarian, so if you have a myriad of different eaters in your group everyone will find a little of something to enjoy.

Come try out Beniam Cuisine and experience the flavorful atmosphere no matter the type of eater you and your family members may be. Check out our menu today!